Thursday, June 3, 2010

The MARTYRS of Gaza

It hurts…bad…
Really really bad,
When the Soldiers of Darkness
Rampage through our tiny fortress,
Bulldozed our shelters like we were mere ashes.
For a while, we see light across the universe…
Shining bright!
Really really bright.
Then it suddenly went dim…dimmer…that leads to a total blankness.
It was dark.
Really really dark.
We were sacred, but not for long.
As we felt that our body were lifted up to the air.
Like a feather we flew above.
Free as if we were doves.
Pains were gone.
Blood was all over, but we felt none.
It no longer embodied our soiled with debris bodies.
A second later…
The light came again…
This time it looks brighter,
Accompanied with a sense of happiness we never felt…ever.
From above…we see them raped rampantly our holy city!
We cried…but with tearless eyes.
Then we reached a very peaceful place.
‘Twas white all over.
Our hearts were filled with spontaneous joy & laughter.
To us kids, the ground was like a playground we never had.
No restrictions. No borders. No soldiers!
‘Twas the freedom we longed for.
Then it suddenly crossed our mind…

“O Khaliq…are we in HEAVEN?”

We cried again…but this time, with endless joyful tears.



*Seperti yang dipaparkan di SOLTURA. Sokongan untuk kempen KUBAH BIRU (BLUE BARRICADE). Kami tiada harta atau senjata, hanya doa & pena. TAKBIR!


  1. salam,

    it really touched my heart ..

    nangis (T_T)

    p/s : BENL's yg mantap :)

  2. Melati:


    Ilmu saya tidak banyak, grammar pun tunggang langgang. Cuma harap kamu & kamu semua faham...apa mesej yang disulam.

    Syukran... :)

  3. harta yang sedikit itu..kongsikan sedikit pada mereka.sunnguh janjiNya ia akan bercambah menjadi 7 dahan yang pada setiap dahan punya 100 ranting...

  4. chenta: insyaAllah..dikongsikan ke jalan berkat...
    Time kasih :)

  5. cert aku mengatakan demikian... hoho

  6. tu termampu ketika ini....pena dan doa...

  7. firol: insyaAllah...what's 'haq' shall return to its right owner...

    yup, pena & paper...& prayer :)